Movie mistakes? Just kill them all…

So the other day I was on YouTube and decided to search up some funny videos about Twilight. Low and behold, I found a specific youtuber genius CinemaSins ( They not only find every obvious mistake in a movie but also the mistakes that nobody would ever think to notice.

It went from watching the Twilight video to watching the one about Jurassic Park, Hunger Games, Titanic, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief, etc. All of these movies in particular are movies that I enjoy very much, but that’s only because the books were masterpieces.

Personally, I get aggravated when I go to see a movie and the movie is completely different from the book. For example, my best friend and I went to go see the Hunger Games right when it came out in the movie theater. We literally counted all the mistakes we noticed that the book never demonstrated. The mistakes that really get under my skin are the mistakes where they don’t even include a character from the book: Marge wasn’t even in the movie and she was supposedly supposed to be the one to give Katniss the mockingjay pin.

How about in Twilight? Ben was supposed to be Angela’s boyfriend in the book but somehow in the movie Eric was Angela’s boyfriend. What is this nonsense? What? Did the director or the scriptwriter think that Ben wasn’t good enough to be filmed into the movie? How about in Eclipse when Jacob’s sister, Rachel, was supposed to be dating Paul?

In Harry Potter, Charlie was never in any of the movies. Sure, he was mentioned to be in Romania with his dragons, but he was supposed to show up when Hagrid went to go to speak to him about the dragons the champions would be dueling with. So all of the Weasleys could be filmed into the movie, but Charlie couldn’t? Wow, poor Charlie…

I understand that the movies can’t have every single detail that was in the book because, otherwise, the movies would be five hours long each. I mean, how would you be able to do that with a Harry Potter book? Forget about five hours, more like ten hours each film. But mistakes like not including a character is a mistake that is just not right.

Movie mistakes? Just kill them…